The decision

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Dreams. Desires. Plans. And cruel reality. You know the feeling when you are sitting in the office, you see the sun shining through the window, it’s a beautiful summer day outside. You want to be somewhere else. Perhaps anywhere else, just not at work. A friend’s post appears on Instagram or Facebook – they’re enjoying their vacation on the saddle of their motorbike. Take a look at the calendar on the table. Another 6 weeks. Still long 6 weeks until your vacation. A long and slow 42 days.


Can you change it? Certainly. It’s not about what kind of life you’re living at the moment, whether you’re locked in an office or in a factory behind a conveyor belt, it’s what you’re gonna do with the rest of your life. How do you wanna live it? Will you think back on your work accomplishments, the people you met, the experiences you had or where you traveled?



We are never prepared well enough for changes in our lives. This is simply not possible. You have to decide and dive right into it. We can study, we can adapt to new circumstances and after a while, when we look back, we suddenly realize that everything has changed and we don’t even know how and when. It just happened. Just like we learned to walk. We fell, got up, licked our wounds, got up and fell again, and all over again. The falls hurt. We got some scars. But, we wiped our tears and tried again. None of cared, whether our legs are strong, whether we’re capable enough to maintain balance, we just wanted to change, to move on in life, to learn something new. I’ve read somewhere that it takes us 3,000 hours on average. We spent 3,000 hours learning how to walk. After those 3,000 hours, none of us have ever thought back on how difficult and painful it was. From that moment on, we take walking as a natural thing and do it for the rest of our lives. We reached the stage of unconscious competence. Do you know how the learning process unfolds? It’s the same regarding sports, playing a musical instrument, managerial skills, riding a motorcycle …

1. Unconscious incompetence

We don’t know that we don’t know or understand something. How could it bother us, we don’t know about this deficit. If we aren’t awake that bicycles exist, we couldn’t have been aware of not knowing how to ride one. And once we discovered it, we thought it can’t be that hard, kids ride on bicycles are the time.

2. Conscious incompetence

We sat on a bicycle and realized that we don’t know how to ride it. We fell off the bicycle. We realized that we don’t know how to ride a bicycle. It’s programed in our genes to want to learn how to do it. So we’re motivated to learn how to do it, which brings us to the next phase.

3. Conscious competence

We’ve learned how to ride a bicycle. We still have to be aware of all the street signs around us, make sure we’re maintaining our balance and we don’t fall off. Usually, it’s enough for us. We’re capable of doing something we learned. But it’s not enough. At least it shouldn’t be enough.

4. Unconscious competence

How’d he manage that!? He got up the hill, crossed the street on his back wheel, then did a wheelie, how the hell did he manage such breathtaking feats? The answer? He doesn’t even know, he just has to feel it in your hands and see yourself doing it. We no longer have to think why and how we’re doing something. We aren’t aware how difficult it is to take a step, how many muscles are involved. We did it, we’ve reached the last phase. We aren’t even aware of that fact we’re good in something, it’s easy and completely automatic.


If you think about it, this process is in everything we do in our lives. In a new job, in marriage, in parenthood…. But I think we’ve become complacent. Rather than willingly going through this process of skill acquisition, we’d rather stay within what we know, we don’t like leaving our comfort zone. With such an approach, we would have never learned how to walk, not even run or jump. Nevertheless, it’s so exciting. I don’t mean the process itself, although it’s also exciting in some ways. It may be uncomfortable, it hurts, it’s uncomfortable. But it’s all worth the feeling you get we you reach the last phase… Just try to remember when you last experienced it. When you, for example, played a new song on the piano, your eyes on the sheets of music in front of you and your fingers slowly tapping along the right keys trying to internalize to sounds of each note.

Why have I so extensively described the process of learning? Because it concerns every single area of ​​our lives. And every decision is difficult for us, it’s a challenge. I think that if we remembered how fun it was, it would be easier for us to make changes and try out new things. I have decided. I have no idea what bike I’ll buy, but it’s not important. What matters is that I have made a decision. In March I will buy a motorcycles and embark on a my first journey. B3 TOUR 2019. The beginning of the first but very long adventure. 


It’s up to each of us, whether we’ll stay in our comfort zone, sticking to things, which we know and which we’ve discovered, or we can make a decision, which will bring fulfillment to our lives.

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