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I have already indicated what my life will look like a few months. April is approaching and I have a couple of Euros in my pocket. I will regularly share my progress in preparing for the trip, on this website. Now, let me explain why it’s such a great idea. Just because I don’t want to wait until something happens. More money, better timing … I feel like we have an excuse for everything in our lives. Well, we don’t see it that way, for us they’re “objective reasons”. Usually, we’re afraid of change. Perhaps, it seems that it’s nice to dream about something. Dreams help us survive everyday our boring lives and overcome everyday work routines. They’re something that keeps us afloat. We’re able to work 5 days a week to enjoy the weekend. All year so we can go on vacation twice. We call Thursday small Friday, we are so keen for it to be the weekend already. We work to run away from work, I call this a paradox. Catch 22.


I just don’t want to wait anymore, some switch has gone off inside me. I started reading about “a free life” and I understood something. There will always be some later, but we live in the present. You cannot change the past. You can’t change the past nor the future, the only time, which is real, is the PRESENT. And so I decided to enjoy the present. I don’t want to dream about an amazing life. When I’ll be riding around the world for months, getting to know people and cultures, I want to LIVE life. I don’t want to momentarily escape from a boring life and occasionally have exciting moments, I want to live an exciting life. It’s easy, it’s a decision. Firm, unchangeable. You know the feeling, once you decide to do something from the bottom of your heart, suddenly you no longer feel nervous, uncertain and you know that your decision is a GIVEN. Not something you desire rather something certain, something that doesn’t need to be discussed, no doubts, no hesitations, it’s just so. I read somewhere that we have 2 lives. The other begins when we understand that we only live once. I’m glad that I realized this, I think many people won’t understand it for the rest of their lives.


Try to think now for a moment. What do you dream of? Where would you like to be now? What would you like to be doing? And what about the next few weeks, months? If you didn’t have any limitations, if you had enough money for virtually ANYTHING what would you do? How would you live? Have you come up 10 reasons why it’s impossible? Come up with 10 why it is..

I shall either find a way or make one.


We are responsible for ourselves and for our lives. We have been put on this Earth to live. And since we’re alive, we should live happily because it is more than likely that resit of the test of life.

I’ve had some experience with motivation, self-motivation, goal setting, and so on. I’ve worked as a manager, I’ve read many books on success and many go to many lectures. Then I bought a book from Marianne Cantwell: Be a Free Range Human: Escape the 9-5, Create a Life You Love and Still Pay the Bills. This book’s title captivated me, but I didn’t expect much. But….

Short and simple – it changed my life. As soon as I finished reading it, I ordered another, I was so hungry for more information that I read them one after another and then again.

Throughout my life I’ve been searching for freedom, adrenaline and experiences. I’ve always been aiming towards it, but I hadn’t seen it. It’s been a long process, still going on and never ending. Every day something changes and that’s good. At least for me.



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