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The plans are clear, only the last detail is missing. Buying a motorcycle. But it’s not that simple. Not that there aren’t enough motorcycles to buy, but how to choose. I’ve wanted a chopper all my life. And suddenly, there was a dilemma. Since I want to travel a lot, I need a motorcycle. And so I decided against a chopper, though one was still on my mind. I spent hours on the net, reading articles, but I just got more confused. Basically, I figured out that a chopper isn’t for travelling. I still don’t fully believe it. And furthermore, no matter what motorcycle I buy, I will not do 300 km a day. I’d lose my ass….

Blah, blah blah.

The first bike I was looking at was the Yamaha XJ 600 Diversion. I’m not going to comment on that. I’ll just say it had a rusty tank. Then there was the Honda Hornet 900 and the Honda NT 650 in Deauville.

Hornetka was stronger, it had a gel saddle, but it was bare. And then a coincidence helped. My father’s friend was selling a Deauville. Year 2005, the last year they made it. I’ve only read positive things about this motorcycle. Powerful enough, manoeuvrable, shockproof, consumption up to 5 liters, large 19 liter tank. Since it was my father’s friend’s bike, it was a guarantee of satisfaction.

To make a long story short, my father lost his friend. It was strange to me that the motorbike was covered with black tape, but he probably liked it that way. There was a scratched top case on the same side and an energy drink sticker on the front, but he said it was fine. I paid, signed the papers, and took it for a ride. Home.

I drove 85km without any problems, just halfway down the road I had to stop at the gas station to defrost my hands. Oh, I didn’t mention it here. I bought the bike for my birthday and it’s on the 16th of February. In the morning, when I went to get the motorcycle, the temperature was -3. But I enjoyed the ride and I became friends with the bike. I was satisfied with my decision. But not for too long.

Since it was still too cold to ride, I kept my motorcycle in my father’s garage. I planned to the change oil, filters, and so on because I didn’t know what was changed when. But my father began with aesthetic modifications. Tapes down. Well, the problem had been uncovered. It turned out that the tapes held the cracked plastics together and of course hid all the flaws and cracks. So, welding the plastic followed, riveting, the rearview mirror has stayed on thanks to duct tape …

I had to come to terms with the fact that the bike would never look like it was in MINT CONDITION, but at least it was okay. So, apart from what it looks like, plastics, which don’t fit together like they should, it’s a good bike.

My advice:

-Choose a motorcycle according to your own tastes, what you like, nobody can advise you

-When buying, pay attention to details, non-abrasive plastics, scratches, color differences on individual parts

-In the purchase-sales contract ALWAYS have a hidden defect clause. The fact that you will lose a friend will not compensate you for the damages.

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