Initial opinions

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And it started. Initial opinions, First wave of criticism. Many people think that what I have decided to do is impossible, or at best, that it is crazy, nonsense, madness. I LIKE IT! I will not be the first and not the last to make my dream come true. Although, according to most, impossible. Really? We will see. I have always been stubborn and if someone told me that something could not be done, or that I could not do it, it always motivated me to achieve it. Certainly, everyone has experienced it. Obstacles are here to be overcome, and I believe that my story will help other people decide to do something they have long put off just because others told them that their idea is unrealistic, that they should come back down to Earth, to reality. These people forget that everyone creates their own reality. Not being an F1 pilot is my decision, my choice, nobody stopped me from becoming one, noone ruined it for me. I’m not a F1 pilot not because it was unrealistic (F1 pilots really exist), but because I didn’t really do anything about it.


I am lucky that my family always stood by me. Although they do not always agree with what I am doing, they try their best to keep their disagreement to themselves. What can I say, they are simply amazing. When I mentioned my latest idea in front of my parents; I can’t even post my father’s comment here. Even though he was initially against it, he has helped me get in touch with people who could help me or share my experiences. And my sisters have done the same. This is probably the most important thing when you start with something crazy. You must have support. Surround yourself only with people who will support you. Avoid people who mock your idea.


Through a friend, I met a biker who has gone on many trips. I wanted him to give me advice on how to avoid mistakes. I wrote to him that I had no experience, no mileage, and explained what I was about to do. The email, which Daniel sent me, was and still is a driving force for me.


I think it’s totally fine.

As with any trip, there may be a problem with only two things:

  1. money and time – if you have this and common sense and the desire to travel, that’s 70% success
  2. mentality – you have prepare your mind for a long trip. Although, you are among people… I often drove by myself and after a week I started talking to myself. If you go with someone, especially if you don’t know him, it is natural that you will part ways after some time. For most people it comes to something I call “return syndrome”.

Set your kilometers realistically. You will spend most of your time packing in the morning, stopping for lunch and other breaks. If you are not used “riding” a motorcycle, be sure to take a break. Just a short one every hour. When everything starts to hurt, it’s too late. It won’t stop.

I have the most experience with the Balkans. I can send you (or we can meet) tips on  interesting places (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania, Italy, Sicily) later. That is, if you also go to countries neighboring the EU. If I can, I would like to go to these countries with you to see old friends and nice places.

I am very tempted to go to Spain, Portugal, I have not been there yet. Lithuania, Estonia is nice – there seems to be just be flat plains, but it is possible to ride there. .

Fingers crossed!

And here’s my second piece of advice. Find someone who has similar views as you do, is equally eager and enthusiastic. If you ever feel that you are no longer able to overcome the next obstacle, stop believing in yourself, or about the feasibility of your idea, you can turn to this person and he will replenish your new energy.


Each of us can find time for what we like. Although, for only a weekend or a long weekend. Use every opportunity to live your life to the fullest. Let us show people that it is worth to live, to live your dream.

See you on the road.

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